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It’s Easy to Join to PIE

You can join PIE anytime throughout the year through a One-Time Payment or Payroll Deduction.

All Craven County Schools teachers who are members of PIE will receive one extra point on their total grant score for the PIE Grants, International Paper Grants, and the Twin Rivers Artists’ Association Grants.

Thank you for supporting the organization that supports our educators!

Craven County Partners In Education is a 501(c)3 corporation and donations are tax deductible to the fullest extent of the law.

Donate online by going to the Getting Involved tab of this website, or follow this link.


One-Time Payment Program

Follow this link for the PIE Membership One-Time Payment Form. 

Please return the membership form with your payment to your PIE School Ambassador or to Partners In Education at Craven County Schools Central Services, 3600 Trent Road, New Bern, NC  28562.


Payroll Deduction Program

Craven County school employees:  Follow this link for the PIE Membership Payroll Deduction Form and return this form to your PIE Ambassador or to Partners In Education at Central Services.  


Craven County Schools Educators:  PIE Grants are now available.  Visit our Grants page to learn more!

Teachers, as a member of PIE, you will receive one extra point on your total grant score for PIE Grants, International Paper Grants, and Twin Rivers Artists’ Assn. Grants.

For a list of grants offered by PIE visit the Grants section of this website.

Craven County Partners In Education (PIE) is a non-profit organization committed to:

  • Enhancing the educational experience of teachers and students through classroom grants.
  • Focusing on evolving and specific needs of individual classrooms.
  • Partnering with businesses, community leaders, and educators for financial support.

Our partners are passionate about creating opportunities for our students and teachers that enable us to offer quality programs.


Community Members

Want to support our Craven County Schools teachers by helping to fund our grant programs?  You can do so by joining PIE any time throughout the year!

We are pleased to offer a  Sponsorship Program to our business partners!

To learn more about how your business can support PIE throughout the year, follow this link.  This includes sponsoring the Spring Luncheon, Stuff the Bus, and the Book Drive. And by planning your sponsorship in advance, learn how your business can get a free ad on the PIE website and be featured on the PIE Facebook page!

In memory of Cheryl Marteney.  Donate to her memorial fund on line by following this link.


About Partners In Education

Since 1988, PIE has partnered with area educators, businesses, individuals, and community leaders to develop quality programs to benefit the students and teachers of Craven County. It is our mission to support and advance the educational experience within Craven County Schools through collaborative community involvement. It is this kind of community involvement that will enhance the quality of education our schools provides.

PIE is proud to offer a variety of programs throughout the year that have been successful in getting the extra resources our school system needs to purchase new equipment and supplies. We also offer several grants that are funded from our business and individual partners that provide opportunities for both teachers and students that might otherwise not be available. Our vision is to be the best education foundation, providing opportunities through infinite resources.

We rely heavily on our Board of Directors as well as our Ambassadors to provide information about these programs to our schools and our community at large. Without their dedication and support, PIE would not be able to offer these valuable resources to the school system. We want to give a special thank you to our Board members and volunteers for their compassion and hard work.


For more information about Partners In Education, our programs and grants, or how you can donate, call Darlene Brown, Executive Director of Craven County Partners In Education at (252) 514-6321 or email us at Darlene.Brown@cravenk12.org.

By working together we can all make a difference in education in Craven County Schools.


For more information on PIE programs or how you can get involved, contact us by email at Darlene.Brown@cravenk12.org or call us (252) 514-6321.  Fax number:  (252) 514-6352.