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All members of PIE will receive one extra point on their total grant score for the PIE Grants, Wey Mini Grants, and the Twin Rivers Artists Association Grants.

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Beginning Teachers

The Beginning Teachers’ Store will be held at H.J. MacDonald Middle School on the following dates:

  • Thursday, April 23, 4:00 pm – 5:30 pm  (End of Year Social for Beginning Teachers)

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Congratulations to our Grant Recipients!

See our Program Page on how to apply for these grants.


Congratulations to the following winners of the

Partners In Education Bate Foundation Individual School Grant Program

for Craven County Schools funded by

The Harold H. Bate Foundation

October 2014:

  • J.T. Barber Elementary, Kathy Barber, Principal – $5,000.00: Curtain Call for the Stars at J.T. Barber!
  • New Bern High, Jerry Simmons, Principal – $5,000.00: Band Uniform Acquisition
  • West Craven Middle, Francis Altman, III, Principal – $4,527.19: WCMS: Pitching machine, baseballs/softballs, nets (batting cages), Target Frisbee golf course, disc golf school pack
  • Tucker Creek Middle, Angela Franks, Principal – $4,980.00: From Paper to Pixels: Going Green in Music
  • Trent Park Elementary, Eleanor Patrick, Principal – $4,843.00: Raise Your Voices, Stomp Your Feet
  • Brinson Memorial Elementary, Alexandria Aguiar, Principal – $4,919.97: Do Your Part to Jump Start Your Heart
  • ASPIRE, Paul Gainey, Coordinator and Lynn Hardison, ECP Director – $730.00: Using Sensory Devices to Build Coping Skills

Wey Mini Grant Winners 2014-15

Partners In Education in partnership with Weyerhaeuser, offers the teachers of Craven County Schools the Weyerhaeuser Mini Grant program. This program is for hands on activities relating to a math and/or science learning activity that the teacher most likely would have purchased using their own funds. Donated funding from Weyerhaeuser allows teachers to be awarded up to $100 during each grant cycle (four grant cycles in one school year). For over eight years, Partners In Education, together with Weyerhaeuser, has been providing assistance to Craven County educators to fund hands-on activities in math and science. This program has grown over the years and allows our teachers the opportunity to purchase materials for activities in the classroom without having to spend money out of their own pocket.

Fall Cycle:

  • Elizabeth Gatchel, Brinson Memorial Elementary, Down to the Bare Bones – $100.00
  • Martha Johnson, New Bern High, Healthy Choices – $100.00
  • Jody Hyatt, Vanceboro Farm Life, A Walk Inside Our Body – $100.00
  • Misty Persilver, Bridgeton Elelmentary, Count the Lego Brick Road – $100.00
  • Sue Brumbaugh, J.T. Barber Elementary, Holiday Shop – $100.00
  • Jeffrey Harris, Havelock High, Let’s Go Fishing – $100.00
  • Diane Bondurant, James W. Smith Elementary, Ring Masters of Their Own Learning – $100.00
  • Janet Zinni, Arthur W. Edwards Elementary, What Does It Matter? - $100.00
  • Sara Green, Bridgeton Elementary, Explore and Learn in Science – $100.00
  • Roberta Ebron, J.T. Barber Elementary, Charismatic Climatologists – $100.00

Spring Cycle:

  • Katie Scarfpin, West Craven Middle, Take a Bite Out of Math – $100
  • Christy Wilson, Ben D. Quinn Elementary, Kinetic Mathematics – $100
  • Christy Wilson, Ben D. Quinn Elementary, Flying Through Force and Motion – $100
  • Kim Scott, Trent Park Elementary, Gather Round and Make a Sound – $100
  • Katy Chadwick, James W. Smith Elementary, Eat Your Way Through Math – $100
  • Tracie Atkinson, Havelock Elementary, NCIS – Natural Curiousity of Investigators Students – $100
  • Roberta Ebron, J.T. Barber Elementary, Where the Wild Things Learn and Grow – $100
  • Diane Bondurant, James W. Smith Elementary, Sun-ology 101: Being safe in the sun has never been such fun! – $100
  • Sue Brumbaugh, J.T. Barber Elementary, Bugging Out – $100
  • Diane Bondurant, James W. Smith Elementary, Call 911… My Owl Just Puked! – $100


PIE Grant Winners – 2014-15

Fall Cycle:

  • Kelly Forbis, New Bern High: Bringing Home the Bacon – $1,222.02
  • Christy Wilson, Ben D. Quinn Elementary, Chickens, Frogs, Butterflies… Oh, My! – $1,442.45
  • Melissa Mills, Bangert Elementary: Book Genre: “Red Carpet” – $1,213.38
  • Christy Wilson, Ben D. Quinn Elementary: Iron Chef – Kindergarten Edition – $1,499.84
  • Kelly Forbis, New Bern High: Tour de New Bern – $360.82
  • John Scarfpin, Havelock High: The Power of Pi – $1,494.07
  • Kelly Forbis & Roxanne Ank, New Bern High and Ben D. Quinn Elementary: Amazeballs – $1,190.06
  • Kathy Pike, Arthur W. Edwards Elementary, Ben D. Quinn Elementary, Brinson Memorial Elementary, Creekside Elementary, J.T. Barber Elementary, W.J. Gurganus Elementary: Buddies Not Bullies – $1,495.09
  • Stephanie Edwards, Brinson Memorial Elementary: In One “Achord”: Bringing Families Together with Ukes – $1,389.89

Spring Cycle:

  • Eva Mitchell, Melanie Strange, Christy Wilson, and Taylor Romans, Kindergarten Entrepreneurs – $1,484.88
  • Mirela Rangu-Buffington, I Write, You Write, We Write – $610.41
  • Marianna Dunn, Jennifer Walker, Ashton Gunlock, and Erica Bostian, If You Give a First Grader a Seed… – $1,485.39
  • Marisa Swick, Music Across the Continents – $1,499.00
  • Christy Wilson, Learning is STEM-sational – $1,492.22
  • Kim Scott, And All That Jazz – $1,491.71
  • Melissa Murphy and Jorge Benitez, Who Will Be the Next Great Composer? – $1,500.00
  • Rita Brown, So You Say You’ve “Got Skills,” well, Let the Duel Begin! – $976.76
  • Kate Wernersbach, Today’s E-Readers, Tomorrow’s Leaders – $1,500.00
  • Aaron Pritt and Kathy Barber, Orff Course Music Improves Test Scores – $1,500.00


Twin Rivers Art Association Grant Recipients – 2014-15

Partners In Education was recently awarded $1,000 from Twin Rivers Artists Association to be used for grant money for art teachers in Craven County Schools.  The grants are awarded to art teachers based on imaginative and creative art programs for their students, and are awarded by representatives from TRAA.This grant awards $250 to each of the four teachers for a total of $1,000.

  • Light, Color, and Glass, $250.00 – Kati Kameroski,Trent Park Elementary, 4th & 5th grades
  • Navajo Wall Hangings, $250.00 – Rebecca Miller, Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary, 5th grade
  • Exotic Ceramic Birds, $250.00 – Rachel Hunnings, W.J. Gurganus Elementary, 2nd grade
  • Display of Student Work, $250.00 – Kyra Garner, Havelock Middle, 6th – 8th grades


PotashCorp Matching Tech Grant – 2014-15

Partners In Education together with PotashCorp is delighted to offer the Technology Matching Grant Program. The goal of this program is to create a learning environment rich in technology in order to equip our students with the 21st Century skills necessary for post secondary education and/or workforce readiness.

  • A Vexing Problem, $2,500.00 – John Scarfpin, Havelock High, 9th – 12th grades

For more information on PIE programs or how you can get involved, contact us by email at or call us (252) 514-6321.  Fax number:  (252) 514-6352.