PIE School Ambassadors



Paul Gainey



Joan Bjork


Elementary Schools:

Arthur W. Edwards Elementary School

Kathy Leffler

Bangert Elementary School

Valerie Bennett & Molly Thomas

Ben Quinn Elementary School

Robin Lizotte

Bridgeton Elementary School

Denise Smith

Brinson Memorial Elementary School

Megan Davis

Creekside Elementary School

Mary Golike & Brooke Brinson

Graham A. Barden Elementary School

Victoria Jarvis & Wanda Jackson

Havelock Elementary School

Cynthia Keller

JT Barber Elementary School

Jennifer Gold

JW Smith Elementary School

Diane Bondurant

Oaks Road Elementary School

Hilda Whitney

Roger Bell Elementary School

Mary Immekus

Trent Park Elementary School

Linda Knowles

Vanceboro Farm Life Elementary School

Lisha Farr

WJ Gurganus Elementary School

Susan Heiman

Middle Schools:

Grover C. Fields Middle School

Leonilde Clay

HJ MacDonald Middle School

Dave Caccavaro

Havelock Middle School

Sara Foster & Georgia Lucas

Tucker Creek Middle School

Shawn McCarthy & Heather Montero

West Craven Middle School

Ashley Faulkenberry & Rachel Banks

High Schools:

Havelock High School

Rebecca Lansche

New Bern High School

Marianne Lingman

West Craven High School

Chip Stine

Early Colleges:

Craven Early College

Todd Bradley

Early College EAST

Alison Strommer

For more information about Partners In Education, our programs and grants, or how you can donate, call Darlene Brown, Executive Director of Craven County Partners In Education at (252) 514-6321 or email us at Darlene.Brown@cravenk12.org. By working together we can all make a difference in education in Craven County Schools.

For more information on PIE programs or how you can get involved, contact us by email at Darlene.Brown@cravenk12.org or call us (252) 514-6321.  Fax number:  (252) 514-6352.